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If you want to build awareness and visitors to your website then banner ads provide one of the most cost-effective forms of Internet advertising. Banner ads have been around since the beginning of the Internet and still account for over 60% of all online ad spending.

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Build brand awareness on our network of high-quality sites with targeted banner ads

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Banner Campaign Features

Category Targeting
Keyword Targeting
Real-time Stats
High Quality Network
5 Different Banner Ad Sizes
Change Banner Anytime
Change Target URL Anytime

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Thank you for your interest in’s banner advertising and getting your banner posted on our 180,000+ site network. Once you sign up for a banner ad placement with us, your banners will be rotated on over 180,000 sites within our network.

Banner ad sizes offered:

Banner - 468x60
Leaderboard - 728x90
Skyscraper - 120x600
Wide Skyscraper 160x600
Medium Rectangle 300x250

If you do not have a banner we offer an option for us to design one for you for an additional fee in our order form.

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Banner Ad Dashboard

All of BuildTraffic’s banner ad clients get access to our banner stats dashboard. Our dashboard gives you a real-time simple overview of how well your BuildTraffic banner campaigns are doing. With a few simple clicks, you can easily see the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that matter. These reports include impressions, clicks, click through rate and conversions.

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What we will do for you

We will provide you with a special URL which will allow you to view in “Real Time” the number of impressions your banner (s) receives and click-through rates.

With these “Real Time” statistics, you will be able to see how effective your banner ad is and help you maximize your ROI (return on investment). If you are running multiple banners, these statistics will allow you to determine which banner is most effective in bringing traffic to your site.

Why advertise with us

High Traffic! Because our global network of sites continues to grow daily, we allow you to continually expand your audience. Our ads are posted on thousands of Web sites throughout the world every month.

Excellent visibility’s dynamic ad delivery system rotates advertising banners throughout our network of over 180,000 sites, rather than locking your banner ad to a single page like other companies, your banner will be seen where others could only dream about being seen. Your banner will be placed within the first 5k of these sites as well. By using advanced anti-caching we achieve extremely accurate impression counts; only fully delivered banners are counted as actual impressions, guarantees that your banners are seen!!!

Flexibility allows you complete control over your advertising campaign. You will be able to change your banner at any time you wish (unlike other companies that lock you in with an ineffective banner) we will allow you to continually change your banner (s) until you find one with the best click-through rate. We will also allow you to run multiple banners within the same campaign to let you find the most effective one.


With campaigns starting as low as $15.50 and *CPMs as low as $1.50, we by far offer some of the lowest advertising rates in the industry. Other companies charge as much as $70.00 *CPM.

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