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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ads look simple at first glance, however, without an in-depth knowledge of its complexities, one will not be able to take advantage of Facebook's superior ad targeting capabilities. BuildTraffic has the expertise needed to create effective Facebook ads and maximize your ad spend.

Facebook Ads Management

Professional full-service Facebook ad management to help your business maximize your return on ad spend.

U.S. Facebook reach by age group

Ages 18-29 : 81%
Ages 30-49 : 78%
Ages 50-64 : 65%
Ages 65+ : 41%

Source: Statista, 2019

Facebook Ad Management

At BuildTraffic, we know exactly how to reach the target audiences your business is after on Facebook. We tailor all of your Facebook ads and formats to specifically reach your marketing goals no matter what your objective. Whether it is raising brand awareness, growing engagement or boosting conversions, let us make your Facebook ad campaigns work for you.

Facebook Has Massive Reach

No one can deny the fact that Facebook has a very large user base. In fact, its active user base is massive with over 1.5Billion monthly users. In the U.S. alone Facebook has over 214 million active users.

Knowing how to properly tap into Facebook’s user base is instrumental to the success of any Facebook ad campaign. This is where having a proven Facebook ad agency like BuildTraffic comes into play. We have managed thousands of Facebook ad campaigns and know the ins and outs of what is currently working on Facebook’s ad platform. This knowledge is crucial because Facebook ad targeting and functionality are continually evolving. Facebook ads is a totally different system than it was back in 2008 when we first started advertising on Facebook.

Expert Facebook Ad Agency

Increase In-Store Sales
Build Awareness
Generate Leads
Increase Online Sales
Build Interest
Get App Installs

Why let BuildTraffic manage your Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ad Agency
Experienced Partner

We have managed millions of dollars worth of Facebook ads since 2008 when Facebook ads first started. Moreover, we have been in the PPC advertising space since 1998. We have the experience needed to ensure your success.

Facebook Ad Targeting
Unrivaled Targeting

The Facebook ad system has a vastly detailed targeting system with an almost unlimited number of options. We fully understand how to utilize this and take advantage of their system allowing us to laser target your advertising.

Facebook Ads That Work
Ads That Work

Along with superior audience targeting Facebook also offers many different ad formats each with their own advantages. At BuildTraffic we know what type of ads to run in order to achieve your specific marketing objectives.

Facebook Ad Conversions
Better Conversions

When you hire BuildTraffic to manage your Facebook ads, you are hiring an agency that will take the time to fully understand your marketing goals. Based on the information you provide, we will build out high converting sales funnels using our proven time tested elements.

Facebook Ad Reporting
Real-Time Reporting

As a BuildTraffic Facebook ad management client you get access to our state of the art facebook ad dashboard. Our dashboard provides you with real-time, easy to see data that matters most. No more having to wait for reporting, sort through pages of reports or complicated interfaces to find what you are looking for.

Facebook Ads Support
Superior Support

When you partner with BuildTraffic to manage your Facebook ads, you get the best support possible. We are easy to get hold of whether it is phone support, live chat, email or our online support desk we are always there to help you. We go above and beyond most other ad management companies.

Facebook Ads Management Dashboard

BuildTraffic Client Dashboard

All of BuildTraffic’s Facebook ad management clients get access to our client dashboard. Our dashboard gives you a real-time simple overview of how well your BuildTraffic managed Facebook ad campaigns are doing. With a few simple clicks, you can easily see the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that matter. These reports include but are not limited to leads generated, cost per lead, impressions, link clicks, sales conversions, cost per conversion and much more…

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