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BuildTraffic Reviews

BuildTraffic has helped literally tens of thousands of businesses and people over the years promote their websites. Here are just a few client testimonials.

BuildTraffic Reviews

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Just want you to know that I am very pleased with your service and my sites are getting listed out on the Internet. Keep up the good work by keeping the Build Traffic site always current like I’ve been noticing that you do. Thanks a Whole Bunch….:-) To your Success!
Armando O Ortiz
One of the things I like least about testimonials is the way they seem to meander on and on, so here are the unembellished facts. As webmaster of 5 sites no one could be more aware of the need for traffic. I have found no one is more aware of how to do this with economy, speed and reliability than buildtraffic To date they have worked with our flagship site and we expect they will eventually work through the remainder, with equal success.
Terrence S.
Dear build traffic Just a note to let you know I have not seen anything as comprehensive and helpful as this site. I did not know why my site was not getting traffic I now see, it needs much more work that can be done with Build Traffic. Thank you for this valuable service it is an excellent tool; the tutorials are so good and the price is fair.
I have tried many different things and ways to promote my website over the last couple years. I have also spent considerable money using so called experts for building traffic. Nothing has worked very well or at all. In the two weeks I have used your product/service I have increased my click throughs by five hundred per day…so far!
Dave H.
With BuildTraffic we found a great service, easy interface and affordable price for an outstanding result.
Bill K.
Client is the online leader in sales of new and used exercise equipment. By using BuildTraffic we have top rankings in  all  the major search engines for highly competitive keywords.
All I can say is BuildTraffic works!
Chris S.
We couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve had with buildtraffic Our site is listed on the first page of every search engine I’ve checked out.
Hollis G.
You have done exactly as you said you would. You are easy to use and the relief I felt to let you handle the placements in the search engines for me and you keep doing it for me on a daily to weekly basis so I can do other things. Thank you for one less worry for me. I will let you handle all my websites.
I have purchased traffic in the past. Some delivered, most did not. Occasionally, the traffic was of fair quality. But more often than not, my statistics crashed reducing my average time on site, lowered my page views and sent my bounce rate through the ceiling! has exceeded my expectations in every way. The traffic is real people and the quality is very high. The group I targeted is the group they are delivering. And to my surprise, the quality is so high my metrics have improved dramatically. Page views and time on site have doubled. Even more surprising, my bounce rate has dropped to 24%. Simply amazing. If you are looking for real people, quality traffic, and a way to build your target audience to fully monetize your site, I recommend without reservation.
Mark S.
BuildTraffic services has helped me get my website in the top 30, 15, 10, 5, and in some cases, even #1 on the search engines. I never dreamed I’d get there, but I did and it’s been because of BuildTraffic. The service you provide to help me create and refine my meta tags, as well as develop my keywords, are fabulous! I really don’t know where my site would be without It’s money VERY well spent! Thank you so much for offering such a superior product.
Marianne B.
Just wanted to say your service is “simply amazing”
By the way, my site is just in construction, and im getting 500 hits a month. Its crazy. Cant wait to see the benefits of being in the top 10!
Michael M.