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Pay Per Click Management

We have managed millions of dollars worth of Pay Per Click search engines advertising so let our experience with PPC save you time, money, and get you better overall results.

Pay Per Click Management

Professional full-service PPC management of Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising®

PPC Management Features

Custom Landing Pages
Multi Step Sales Funnels
Ad Extensions & Callouts
Conversion & Goal Tracking
Split A/B Testing
Call Tracking
Audience Retargeting

Pay Per Click Agency

The biggest marketing mistake a business can make is to attempt to manage their own pay per click advertising. Programs like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising® are made to be user-friendly, but without an in-depth understanding of how search engine advertising works, many businesses never come close to actualizing the full potential of their web marketing. When companies try to run their own web marketing campaigns, the returns usually barely cover the cost of advertising.

Often, companies look at web marketing as a cheap alternative to more traditional advertising. While search engine advertising is often far more cost-effective than media or print advertising, it requires no less expertise than a TV commercial or a printed flier. No company would try to cut costs by filming and editing their own television ads, and web marketing should similarly be handled by professionals.

Why let BuildTraffic manage your PPC Advertising

PPC Search Engine
PPC Advertising Networks

Our pay per click management covers Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising® these two networks cover almost all Internet searches.

Guaranteed Search Placement
Guaranteed Placement

The beauty of pay per click is we can control exactly where your ads appear. Whether this is specific websites or top listings on the search results.

Search Keywords
Profitable Keywords

Only pay for specific keywords that get you results. Our analysis allows us to pick keywords that are the most profitable and relevant to your business

Reach Local Buyers
Drive Traffic

We drive as many targeted & qualified visitors to your website as possible while working within your budget. Allowing you to get the most bank for your buck.


We provide you with access to our powerful dashboard. This allows you to see in real time exactly how your campaigns are doing down to a granular level.

tailored ads
Tailored Ads

We create custom targeted ads that align with proper keywords and your marketing objectives, resulting in the highest conversions possible.

BuildTraffic Client Dashboard

All of BuildTraffic’s pay per click management clients get access to our client dashboard. Our dashboard gives you a real-time simple overview of how well your BuildTraffic PPC ad campaigns are doing. With a few simple clicks, you can easily see the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that matter. These reports include but are not limited clicks, click through rate, position, conversions cost per conversion and much more…

Pay Per Click PPC Client Dashboard

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