Wow, it been a crazy week for Internet marketers… Google cloud goes down taking with it all of Shopify’s 800,000+ stores. Now it seems Facebook’s FB Ads Manager is down for a lot of users.

The last major FB Ads Manager outage was just days before Black Friday. This outage caused advertisers to lose access campaigns, upload creative or download reports during the height of the online shopping season.

Unlike other ad platforms, Facebook tends to keep users in the dark about any performance issues with their systems. This includes feature updates and removals or any outages. Leaving their advertisers in the dark about many issues.

Facebook really needs to improve lines of communication with their advertisers and be more open. For a company worth over $100 BILLION you figure they would have their act together.

Its always a great feeling /s having your ads spend $$$ and not being able to monitor any KPIs.

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